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Age 8+
Grade 3-4

Marcia Schonberg

Ohio History

Paperback (Heinemann/Raintree )
Why was the Northwest Ordinance important for the Ohio region? What happened at the Battle of Fallen Timbers? How did canals and railroads change Ohio and its importance in the United States? This book contains all kinds of fascinating, historical facts that tell the story of the state of Ohio. You'll find information about the first people of Ohio and the explorers and settlers who came later. You will learn about Ohio's role in the development of the Northwest Territory and its transformation into an industrial powerhouse. Plus, find out which Ohioans shaped the history of the state and nation.
Heinemann State Studies
1403426899 / 9781403426895
6.1 oz.
7.2 x 0.2 in.

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