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Shadow of the Canyon: A Wonder Horse Tale

Grade 4-6

Pam Davis, Steve Davis

Shadow of the Canyon: A Wonder Horse Tale

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform May 2, 2018)
Come journey with us on a magical adventure and meet a special horse, Shadow of the Canyon. Shadow is a wild Mustang, who begins life as just another member of the herd, but by facing many challenges with determination and courage he develops inner strength, self-esteem and happiness through his encounters with others. Along the way, you will meet Shadow’s friends, a wizard who helps guide him, Shadow’s new human family and animal friends who help encourage Shadow on his life’s path. As you travel with him through his life’s adventures, you will see that Shadow is truly a wonder horse. This is a tale of love, danger, and courage that parents and children can share as they journey together with Shadow. Shadow vividly reminds us that animals have feelings and communicate. Shadow also shows that horses and other animals are capable of kindness, friendship, generosity, intimacy, and self-sacrifice. His story shows that creatures are worthy of our love and respect. It is a wonderful story, entertaining and fun, imaginatively written and evocative, which brilliantly conjures the magic of Shadow and all he touches. So, come with us, voyage through space and time with Shadow, as he travels through his life’s adventures with a wizard, Shadow’s animal friends and human family, and marvel at the magic of the wonder horse, Shadow of the Canyon.
1986024083 / 9781986024082
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8.5 x 0.1 in.

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