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Age 9-12
Grade 4-7

Edward R Ricciuti


Hardcover (Cavendish Square Publishing Dec. 1, 1996)
The Biomes of the World series is an introduction to the ecosystems, or ecological communities, that make up the Earth. Each book in this eight-volume series presents clear, scientific information about one specific biome. Each book explores what makes up a particular ecosystem, where in the world the biome is found, and what kinds of living organisms are supported by it. For example, in the Temperate Forests readers can discover the variety of wildlife that lives in this unique environment, as well as explore the natural balance of the temperate forest ecosystem and examine the impact of humans on that system.

While these books are scientific in nature, they also include ecological issues that are of particular interest to children and are frequently in the news. In this way, Biomes gives readers an in-depth scientific perspective of a given ecological community and a basis of knowledge that allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the ecological issues that affect the health of our planet.

Colorful photographs, maps and ecological diagrams stimulate readers' interest and enhance their understanding.

Biomes of the World
0761401377 / 9780761401377
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