Age 4-8
Grade 2-3

Accord Publishing

Flip & Click Hangman

Paperback (Accord Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel April 12, 2011) , Nov edition
Flip and Click puzzles offer a new twist on classic games. Challenge a friend, or race solve the puzzle with Flip and Click Hangman.Flip and Click puzzles are a fun and innovative way to play a game on a page. Simply push on the top of a game piece, spin it around and click it into place. This portable puzzle book is perfect for packing along from the couch to the backseat and everywhere in between. Flip and Click Hangman features the classic game that will provide hours of fun for solo play or head to head competition. With Flip and Click Hangman kids can challenge an opponent, or can solve the puzzle solo.
Flip & Click
1449401538 / 9781449401535
5.0 oz.
5.5 x 0.3 in.

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