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Beethoven for Kids: His Life and Music with 21 Activities

Age 9+
Grade 4-6

Helen Bauer

Beethoven for Kids: His Life and Music with 21 Activities

Paperback (Chicago Review Press Oct. 1, 2011) , Act edition

Ludwig van Beethoven was a great innovator who expanded the limits of

classical music to write some of the biggest, boldest, most complex and revolutionary compositions of all time. This fascinating man and his works are brought vividly to life and made relevant to today in Beethoven for Kids. Young readers will be intrigued by Beethoven’s hardscrabble childhood and turbulent family life, his early gift and passion for music, and his famously fiery personality. In addition, they’ll learn about the great musicians and thinkers and historical events and movements of Beethoven’s time and how they affected the composer’s life and music.

Kids will be inspired to learn how Beethoven championed equality and freedom throughout his life, rejected the strict societal divisions and norms of the day, and never gave up on his work despite increasing hearing loss. Budding musicians will also come away with a thorough understanding of complex music concepts such as counterpoint, ornamentation, improvisation, and motifs. Twenty-one engaging, hands-on activities illuminate the times in which Beethoven lived or reinforce music concepts introduced.

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