Kate Danley

A Spirited Manor

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform June 9, 2013)
In Kate Danley's deliciously twisted story, A Spirited Manor, grieving widow Clara O'Hare accepts an invitation to a séance in the remote country home of Lord Horace Oroberg. Joining her around the table are Oroberg’s cad of a son, Clifford; his mousy fiancée, Violet; her overbearing mother, Hilda Nero; Norman Scettico, a renowned scientist; the lovely Marguerite Matson; and the dashing young medium, Wesley Lowenherz. Before long, the group’s fascination with the spirit world calls up something sinister, and Clara and Wesley are pulled together to solve a murder most foul. Laced with gothic tension, romance, and mystery, A Spirited Manor will delight readers with its unexpected turns and thrilling conclusion.
O'Hare House Mysteries (Book 1)
1490410392 / 9781490410395
9.0 oz.
5.0 x 0.4 in.

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