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Guts & Glory: World War II

Age 8-12
Grade 3-7

Ben Thompson

Guts & Glory: World War II

Paperback (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers March 7, 2017) , Reprint edition
Discover legendary commanders, tremendous fights, elite soldiers, and courageous individuals whose deeds truly made the difference in this jaw-dropping guide to the biggest war the world has ever seen.

From massive aerial battles that clouded the skies with planes to deathly secret operations deep behind enemy lines, the events of World War II are some of the most awe-inspiring of all time.

Packed with trivia, epic battles, and amazing illustrations, World War II comes alive for kids like no textbook can in this account from Ben Thompson that's perfect for history buffs and reluctant readers.
Guts & Glory (3) (Book 3)
0316320587 / 9780316320580
11.2 oz.
5.4 x 1.0 in.

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