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Margaret Williamson

The First Book of Bugs

language ( Dec. 29, 2010)
Book Excerpt:

Not all the tiny creatures you see
creeping and crawling and flying
are truly bugs. When somebody says,
"Ooh, look at the bug!" he might be
pointing at a beetle with six legs, or a
spider with eight legs, or a centipede
with many legs. Or he might be
pointing at a stink bug, which belongs to the only family
scientists call bugs. But in this book, let's call them all bugs
to make it easier, and, often where a bug is magnified, the out-
line beside it shows you about how big it really is.

If you watch a bug as it goes along about its business, you
can find out what a bug's world is like. You can see what
kind of legs and wings and feelers it has arid how they work,
and you can hear the noises it makes.

If you wait and watch long enough, you may even see it
creep out of the hard, stiff suit of armor that all bugs wear,
and walk off in the new and bigger suit that has been grow-
ing, all wrinkled, underneath the old one.


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