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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Original Illustrations

Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Original Illustrations

Paperback (SeaWolf Press May 6, 2018)

Unabridged and Uncensored. NOTE: Please ignore any negative reviews about small print, bad format, skinny book,etc. since they are about other versions of this title. Our edition has none of those problems - text is normal size, it is fully illustrated with original drawings, pages are numbered--it is a very nice edition.

A beautiful edition with the formatting and all 162 images from the original first edition published in 1876. The cover is a Worth Brehm painting taken from a later publication. Use Amazon's Lookinside feature to compare this edition with others. You'll be impressed by the differences. Don't be fooled by other versions that have no illustrations or contain very small print. Reading our edition will make you feel that you are back on the Mississippi River with Tom and Huck. If you like our book, be sure to leave a review!

Mark Twain created the memorable characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn drawing from the experiences of boys he grew up with in Missouri. Set by the Mississippi River in the 1840's, it follows these boys as they get into predicament after predicament. Tom's classic whitewashing of the fence has become part of American legend, and the book paints a nostalgic picture of life in the middle of the nineteenth century. Tom runs away from home to an island in the river, chases Injun Joe and his treasure, and even gets trapped in a cave for days with Becky Thatcher. The book is one of Twain's most beloved stories.

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