Grade 7-9

Taiwo Odunsi

Katrina and the Animals

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform March 21, 2010)
In the small town of Podunk Hollow, Katrina leads a strange life, keeping her real home among a family of wild forest animals a guarded secret. But when Katrina learns the forest animals are planning to attack humankind for the effects of climate change, she becomes an accomplice to their deadly campaign. Just as things are going according to plan, Katrina's life unravels as events from her past are revealed. Yet, before she can make things right again, Katrina discovers her new enemies are not so easily overcome. With the fate of the world on her shoulders, can Katrina stop the animals from having the last word? If there is a solution for global warming...only the animals know for sure. "I hope many children across the globe enjoy the book and at the same time be inspired to help our earth and all that live on it - in just some small way!" - Parrys "Climate Girl" Raines
1450523986 / 9781450523981
3.84 oz.
5.25 x 0.22 in.

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