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Age 4-8

Robert Munsch

I'm So Embarrassed

Paperback (Cartwheel Books June 1, 2006)
From Robert Munsch, storyteller extraordinaire and author of the runaway bestseller LOVE YOU FOREVER, comes this laugh-out-loud family tale!Andrew's mother always embarrasses him when they go to the mall. But Andrew needs new shoes, so there is no escape!This time is no different. Andrew's mom spits in her hand to smooth down his hair in front of everyone and shows his baby pictures to his teacher. But Andrew soon discovers he isn't alone. His friend Taylor-Jae has the same problem. Andrew and Taylor-Jae decide it's time for revenge! They announce to everyone in the mall that their mothers snore like bears and blame it on their dads. Now the mothers are the ones with red faces!
9780439835 / 9780439835787
4.8 oz.
8.0 x 0.2 in.

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