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Spidey's New Costume Level 3

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Thomas Macri

Spidey's New Costume Level 3

Paperback (Scholastic Feb. 15, 2015)
The book will delight both kids and adults with their witty dialog, graphics, fun storylines and intense action. When the amazing spider-man hears that a super villain is terrorizing times square, he swoops into action! arriving on the scene, spidey finds a man in a hood pulsing with blue energy: electro! now, with hundreds of innocent bystanders in harm's way and endless energy at electro's fingertips, will the wall-crawler be able to stop new york city's newest menace? or will he be zapped like a bug?
9351035905 / 9789351035909
4.2 oz.
9.0 x 6.0 in.

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