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Jason Chin
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Flash Point
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Jason Chin


Hardcover (Flash Point March 17, 2009) , unknown edition

Jason Chin's Redwoods tells the story of a boy who discovers a book about redwoods and finds himself in their midst as he turns the pages.

An ordinary train ride becomes and extraordinary trip to the great ancient forests.

A subway trip is transformed when a young boy happens upon a book about redwood forests. As he reads the information unfolds, and with each new bit of knowledge, he travels--all the way to California to climb into the Redwood canopy. Crammed with interesting and accurate information about these great natural wonders, Jason Chin's first book is innovative nonfiction set within a strong and beautiful picture storybook. Chin's approach makes Redwoods a must-have common core tool for teachers and librarians introducing scientific principals to young students.

1596434309 / 9781596434301
12.3 oz.
7.85 x 0.37 in.

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