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Harry the Hummingbird: "A Lesson Learned"

Patricia A Thorpe

Harry the Hummingbird: "A Lesson Learned"

Paperback (Pageturner, Press and Media Jan. 12, 2018)

The story line of this book was created from the pleasure I attained while looking out of a large window at my lake property in Wisconsin. Over many years, as I drank my morning coffee or ate my lunch at noon, I observed in wonderment many different kinds of animals and birds interacting with one another.

Nature continued to illustrate further observations that I hope to share as additional story lines in the future. "Harry" is the name I lovingly gave to a hummingbird that I believed had acted in a manner that could be created into a children's book as a learning method. Perhaps, this book can be enjoyed by children and can assist them in learning the importance of sharing.

If you enjoyed reading Harry the Hummingbird and how he learned to share, you may also enjoy reading Chucky the Black Squirrel who learned not to fear or judge others before getting to know them, or The Canada Goslings Lilly and Scooter who learned to never give up and keep trying until they accomplish their goal.

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