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Amazing Grace
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J C Lafler
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Redemption Press
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J C Lafler

Amazing Grace

Hardcover (Redemption Press March 17, 2017)

In our fast-paced society, it is easy to end up in situations that are beyond our control. Children, especially, are often left to fend for themselves without prop- er guidance or necessities. In "Amazing Grace", author J. C. Lafler tells the story of a group of young girls who find themselves in an un-loving environment. The oldest girl, eleven-year-old Sarah, takes the lead role in caring for the girls and teaching them about life and faith. A baby left on their doorstep adds additional strain to an already difficult situation, but brings the girls a sense of purpose and togetherness. With the help of her childhood Bible and fading memories of parents who taught her that faith can get you through most situations, Sarah teaches the girls that belief in God and His resulting grace can overcome almost anything, including an extremely mean and critical guardian. Amazing Grace is a story of faith, forgiveness, and discovering love in the most unlikely of places.

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