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Grade 2-3

David West

Prehistoric Animals

Paperback (Windmill Books Jan. 15, 2016) , No Printing History edition
During prehistoric times, amazing animals roamed the earth, flew in the sky, and swam in the seas. Readers are introduced to these incredible creatures through accessible text and eye-catching illustrations. In addition to the informative main text, fun facts about prehistoric animals are included on each page. Readers discover impressive animals from many different groups, including meat-eating dinosaurs, plated dinosaurs, and flying reptiles. This high-interest topic is presented in a way that’s sure to engage even reluctant readers. • Computer-generated illustrations show each animal in amazing detail• A timeline is included at the end of each book to help readers better understand the prehistoric time period• Each animal’s name is followed by a phonetic pronunciation guide, allowing young readers to break down complicated words into familiar sounds
Prehistoric Animals
1508191719 / 9780553236101
9.6 oz.
8.6 x 5.3 in.

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