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Let's Talk About Being Shy

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Age 3-6
Grade PK-K

Joy Berry, Maggie Smith

Let's Talk About Being Shy

Paperback (Joy Berry Books Oct. 26, 2010)
"Let's Talk About Being Shy" (Let's Talk About series) helps children overcome their shyness by helping them to understand that feeling shy is normal and there are things they can do to make them feel better about being around a new person or situation. "Being Shy" discusses these ideas in a gentle, yet effective manner, Like all of Joy Berry's books, "Let's Talk About Being Shy" speaks directly to the child and acts as a problem-solving resource for parents and caregivers. The book is filled with full-color illustrations and simple text that make the sometimes-difficult information easy to take in."Let's Talk About Being Shy" includes a web address for FREE downloads."Let's Talk About Being Shy" is recommended for children ages 3-6.Joy Berry's book series include the I Love books (ages 1-3); Let's Talk About (ages 3-6); Help Me Be Good (ages 4-7); A Fun and Easy Way (ages 7-10); Winning Skills (ages 11 and up); and Good Answers to Tough Questions (ages 6-12).
Let's Talk About
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