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The Best Fairy Tales in the World

Age 3-7

School Specialty Publishing

The Best Fairy Tales in the World

Board book (Brighter Child Aug. 15, 2008)

Beautiful princesses, brave princes, and magical fairies populate The Best Fairy Tales in the World. The fourteen children's classic stories will transport you to a world of beauties and beasts, tortoises and hares, and princesses and peas. The classic stories include:

Beauty and the Bast

Sword in the Stone

Pied Piper

Puss in Boots

Princess and the Pea

Twelve Huntsmen


Book of Spells

Tree in the Woods

Chico and the Crane

Tortoise and the Hare

Ant and the Cricket

Fox and the Stork

Minotaur of Crete

Each book in the Best Stories series is filled with classic, well-known stories that capture magic, imagination, and inspiration for all readers. The popular themes― fairy tales, myths, princess stories―provide parents with a collection of perfect lap-time reading stories just right for young children. Delightful illustrations and simple text will engage children to develop early literacy skills and reading comprehension. Each book includes a durable padded cover and a ribbon bookmark.

0769657621 / 9780769657622
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8.2 x 2.2 in.

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