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Tritia: The Speckled Planet

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Mark Thomas

Tritia: The Speckled Planet

eBook (Origin of Books Nov. 11, 2014)
When two Tritian youths embark on the 3-day voyage to their new home to attend school at the finest Science Institution on their home planet, they witness something profoundly disturbing that pulls them into the middle of an intensely woven plot filled with intrigue, suspense and danger.

When A’L, the precocious son of Tritia’s brightest physicist, and Pur’, the brilliant and beautiful daughter of the planet’s finest astronomer team up to uncover the true purpose of the voyage, and the mysterious transmission to another galaxy, they find much more than they could ever have imagined in this fanciful and provocative adventure story set on a planet 600 million miles from Earth.

While the two scholarly teens learn more of their planet’s carefully guarded secrets, they also find out more about themselves as they weave their way through the many mysteries involving their planet’s political structure, its degenerating atmosphere and the magnificent discovery of a gem-like planet with liquid oceans, actual living vegetation and beautiful cities.

In book one of this five part series, we learn much of the similarities between this alien world and Earth. There is a connection between the planets, and the intrinsically similar inhabitants though the reasons remain elusive as bits and pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place throughout the series.

For Al’ and Pur’ to decipher the truth about their planet, themselves and the newly discovered Speckled Planet, they must use their vastly superior intellect and highly developed resourcefulness to stay a step ahead of some very powerful duplicitous characters who seem determined to use and deceive them at every turn.

Tritia, ‘The Speckled Planet’, is a true adventure story that highlights both the light and dark sides of people and the forced transition from childhood to adulthood under stressful and menacing conditions.

The Speckled Planet can be read on many levels. It reveals much of true human nature under adversity and demonstrates the hardships that accompany the 'coming of age'.

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