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The Adventures of Baby Badger: The Origins

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Nicholas Fox

The Adventures of Baby Badger: The Origins

Paperback (Independently published Jan. 2, 2019)
Welcome to the amazingly magical universe of Baby Badger! Are you a University of Wisconsin fan looking for a children's book? Then this is the children's book for you. This children's book series chronicles the adventures that our favorite mascot had when he was just a baby. It's fun, fiction, friends, and family. A barrel full of fun and a teaspoon of wisdom. Get your little Wisconsin fan started on the right track to discovery with this fun series. Volume 1, "The Origins" is a tale of beginnings. It is the story behind our beloved hero. It chronicles how he got his sword, his Dino buddy, and his adventurous spirit. Prepare to fall in love with Baby Badger! Visit for everything Baby Badger.
Vol. (Book 1)
1793028818 / 9781793028815
3.7 oz.
8.2 x 0.1 in.

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