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Tricks and Transformations

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Age 9-12
Grade 4-6

Anthony Horowitz

Tricks and Transformations

Hardcover (Kingfisher July 17, 2012) , Reprint edition

Don't mess with the gods. And if they mess with you? Run like hell . . .

Myths and legends are full of stories of the transformation of humans and animals into other things through the magical intervention of the Gods. From better-known characters like Actaeon, the famous Greek huntsman who was doomed to become a stag forever chased by his own dogs, and Glaucus, the fisherman who became a fish himself, only to fall hopelessly in love with a naiad, to the Japanese tale of the Goddess Amaterasu, who created the first eclipse when she hid herself in a cave and more, Legends: Tricks and Transformations by Anthony Horowitz proves that all is never what it seems when it comes to the affairs of the Gods.

0753465450 / 9780753465455
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5.4 x 0.6 in.

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