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How to Be a Revolutionary War Soldier

Age 9-12
Grade 4-7

Thomas Ratliff

How to Be a Revolutionary War Soldier

Hardcover (National Geographic Children's Books Jan. 24, 2006) , First US Edition edition
America needs YOU! And your country isn't even founded yet! The question is…do you have what it takes to be a Revolutionary War soldier?

These are tense times between Britain and her American colonies. In Boston, tea has been dumped in the harbor and revolution is brewing in the streets. Militias are drilling in town squares and all around you can hear the call of freedom. But how will you be trained? How will you be paid? How will weapons be supplied? And uniforms? What if you are wounded? This abundantly illustrated book will prime you for the interview that will determine your fate—and the war that will forge America's future. Prepare to answer the call!

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How to Be
079227489X / 9780792274896
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