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Marianne Curley

The Shadow

Paperback (MTC Services Pty Limited May 1, 2019)
The battle is over. The war is won. The prophecy complete.But life can’t just pick up where it left off for the Guardians known as the Named. Ethan, who has lost the most, especially struggles to cope. He finds himself adrift, jumping at shadows and sensing someone who can’t possibly be there.Blaming herself for Lathenia’s death, Jesilla swears to avenge her mother and fulfil her vision for world domination. But she hadn’t planned to fall in love. And that leaves her with an unbearable choice – should she follow her heart or the parental strings of a Goddess, short on praise but high on expectation who continues to pull on her from the grave?As the Guard and the Order battle through the past and into an impossible future, darkness lurks around every corner, and the fight for the world’s survival comes to rest with just one.
The Guardians of Time (Book 4)
0648263649 / 9780648263647
19.2 oz.
5.0 x 1.1 in.

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