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Magic Tree House: Books 29 & 30

Mary Pope Osborne, Listening Library

Magic Tree House: Books 29 & 30

Audible Audiobook (Listening Library Aug. 7, 2018)

Two exciting Magic Tree House adventures, narrated by author Mary Pope Osborne.

A Big Day for Baseball: Batter up! The magic tree house has whisked Jack and Annie back in time to the 1940s. They're in Brooklyn, New York for a very special baseball game.

Hurricane Heroes in Texas: Jack and Annie are on a mission! When the magic tree house whisks them back to Galveston, Texas, in 1900, they find out that a big storm is coming. But even though there is rain and wind, no one believes there is any danger. As the storm grows, seawater floods the city. Now everyone needs help! Jack and Annie have a little bit of magic and a lot of hope - but will it be enough?

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