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Age 7-9
Grade 2-4

Jan L. Coates

Mr. Beethoven and Me

Paperback (Caramel Tree Readers Oct. 1, 2014)

The Caramel Tree Readers Level 4 is a delicious series of leveled readers for children ages 7 to 9. Students expand to diverse original stories with a word count of approximately 2,000 words.

The stories in this series vary with narrative in first person or third person, and they have increased character dialogue, which allows students to develop character studies. They focus on realistic fiction and have settings that students can relate to, but each story has a unique twist that will keep students thinking.

Antonia must prepare for the Beethoven Bonanza and she receives some special help from Mr. Beethoven himself. She is granted 10 meetings with the great composer himself and his magical appearances do help her, but they also lead to some embarrassing situations. Mr. Beethoven appears even when uncalled for, and Antonia is running out of time. Will she be ready for the Beethoven Bonanza?

Caramel Tree Readers Level 5
8966299059 / 9788966299058
3.5 oz.
6.0 x 0.2 in.

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