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Mystic Horse
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Paul Goble
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Paul Goble

Mystic Horse

Hardcover (HarperCollins April 1, 2003) , 1 edition

From the first brilliant rush of horses to the triumphant sight of beautiful bays, chestnuts, shiny blacks, whites, grays, and paints galloping across the pages, Paul Goble's very special book will delight all who love horses and all who love stories that tell of the spiritual connection between people and animals.

His magnificent, detailed paintings evoke an almost forgotten world as he recounts a stirring legend based on the oral tradition of the Pawnee. Focusing on a poor boy and his grandmother, adventure begins when the boy discovers an old, limping horse. Though ridiculed by his tribe, the boy cares for the horse and brings it back to health. In turn, the animal helps his friend achieve greatness, only to be betrayed. The boy's remorse is sincere, but will he be forgiven?

Captivating readers, Caldecott medalist Paul Goble shows how a loving friendship changes the lives of a people.

9780060298 / 9780060298135
9.6 oz.
8.5 x 0.2 in.

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