Age 5-8
Grade K-3

Joyce Milton, Franco Tempesta

Dinosaur Days

Paperback (Random House Books for Young Readers July 22, 2014) , Illustrated Edition
A completely revised edition of THE bestselling dinosaur leveled reader, for children who are ready to read on their own.

With all-new illustrations and updated scientific information, this Science Reader will introduce a new generation of children to the most fascinating creatures of all time—dinosaurs. From well-known species like T. rex, Triceratops, and Ankylosaurus to lesser-known ones like Citipati, Vegavis, and Mapusaurus, there’s something here for dinosaur fans and their parents—including a handy pronunciation guide!
Step into Reading
0385379234 / 9780385379236
4.0 oz.
6.0 x 0.15 in.

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