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Drat! You Copycat! & Doggone It!

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Age 7+
Grade 2+

Nancy Krulik, Anne Bobby

Drat! You Copycat! & Doggone It!

Audio CD (Listening Library Aug. 8, 2006)
Katie is an ordinary third-grader–except for one very extraordinary problem! She accidentally wished on a shooting star to be anyone but herself. But what Katie soon learns is that wishes really do come true–and in the strangest ways . . . Drat! You Copycat!Becky, the new girl in class 3A, is a great big copycat! She copies everything Suzanne does. Suzanne can’t stand Becky! Then the magic wind turns Katie into Becky. Will Suzanne change her mind about the new girl? Will Katie turn back into herself without causing too much trouble?Doggone It!When Katie’s teacher, Mrs. Derkman, moves in next door, Katie can’t believe her bad luck! Mrs. Derkman hates dogs, and she wants the dogs on their street to be kept on leashes at all times! When the magic wind blows and turns Katie into her own dog, Pepper, will Katie convince her teacher that dogs are not all bad?
0739336223 / 9780739336229
9.6 oz.
6.9 x 6.2 in.

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