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Age 4+
Grade 2-3

Anne Rockwell

Ferryboat Ride!

Hardcover (Knopf Books for Young Readers May 18, 1999) , 1st edition
Ocean ferries, harbor ferries, river ferries, lake ferries--even children who don't live near one often experience them while on vacation. As she did with air travel in I Fly, Anne Rockwell shows children what to expect when going on a ferry for the first time. In simple, straightforward language, a young girl describes her ferryboat ride as she travels to her summer island home. Cars and trucks rattle onto the boat, a forklift brings heavy cartons aboard, and the girl explains the various parts of the ferry. As the engine below deck starts to rumble and throb, the captain blows his whistle and steers the ferry carefully out of the harbor. Once underway, the girl watches the water, feeds the gulls, and peers through the fog as the foghorn blasts, waiting for a glimpse of the island. Full-color illustrations by Maggie Smith (This Is Your Garden) are filled with fun and informative details. By the time the ferry pulls up to the island pier, readers will long to find a ferry of their own to ride.
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