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Age 7-10
Grade 2-3

Katie Kawa

Desert Food Chains

Paperback (Powerkids Pr Jan. 1, 2015)
Which animals and plants can survive in a dry desert environment? Readers learn about the living things that make up desert food chains, including cacti, snakes, and scorpions. Colorful photographs of desert life make readers feel like they’re exploring new parts of this habitat with each turn of the page. Fact boxes provide additional information about the creatures that make up desert food chains, and a detailed food web shows how these food chains all come together. The desert is an extreme habitat, and readers will enjoy learning about the extreme plants and animals that live there.
Exploring Food Chains and Food Webs
1499400934 / 9781499400939
3.2 oz.
8.25 x 0.25 in.

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