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Grade 4-6

Dee Garretson

Wolf Ridge

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform June 28, 2015)
Survival doesn’t come with a script. Since being cast in his first movie role, fourteen-year-old Stefan Andris’s life has changed from ordinary to extraordinary, a whirlwind of wild adventures and new experiences. He knows he still has a lot to learn about the movie business, so while on a break from his current movie, Stefan jumps at the chance to take a role in a documentary about wolves. He’s looking forward to the expedition into the mountains of Montana, but he’s a little concerned about spending a week in the wilderness with his costar, Raine Randolph. Raine can be the world’s most extreme diva, even though she’s only thirteen, and he’s worried that she’ll cause trouble.But when they arrive at the remote cabin, Raine becomes the least of Stefan’s worries. Not only has most of the wolf pack disappeared that they intended to film, there is someone with a secret who doesn’t want outsiders nosing around in the woods. Stefan fears something terrible has happened to the animals, and he and Raine are determined to find the truth. When the two stumble across the answer, the trip turns dangerous. Stefan and Raine have to find a way to get off the mountain before it turns deadly.A novella - 142 pages
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