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I Am Spring: A Book About Spring for Kids

Age 0-6

Rebecca McDonald, James McDonald

I Am Spring: A Book About Spring for Kids

Paperback (House of Lore Publishing Dec. 21, 2019)
After the cold of Winter, comes the warmth of Spring. I Am Spring takes young children on a journey through the many important events that occur uniquely in the beautiful growing season of Spring. From sprouting seeds to buzzing bees, children, preschool through first grade, will learn the important changes that happen during this season of rebirth.Bright and colorful pictures of busy landscapes full of life are great for keeping the attention of kids ages 3-7. Large print and illustrations make it a perfect classroom book for preschool, kindergarten and first grade.I Am Spring is a vibrant nonfiction book that represents the science of the season of Spring in a storytelling fashion that is excellent for kids 5-8.When the day becomes longer than the night, and the leaves begin to sprout on the bare branches, and bugs and animals that were hiding start to reappear, get ready, because that means Spring is here!
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8.5 x 0.1 in.

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