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I Can Cook: How-to-Cook Activity Projects for the Very Young

Age 4-8
Grade PK-3

Sarah Maxwell

I Can Cook: How-to-Cook Activity Projects for the Very Young

Paperback (Anness April 1, 2000)
Children love to watch and help in the preparation of food from a very young age - especially if it includes the chance to mix ingredients and sample the results before they reach the table! This bright and fun new book allows children to try cooking for themselves - with a little adult guidance - by presenting 16 captivating step-by-step recipes for kids to try at home. The techniques are simple and safety-conscious, and the results are wonderfully enticing and inspiring, tempting children with an imaginative use of color and presentation techniques to try a wide range of different and healthy food. The recipes cover light snacks, main meals and special occasion treats that taste delicious and are fun to create. Recipes featured in I Can Cook include: Cheese Dip with Dunks; Swimming Fish Cakes; Pasta with Lentil Sauce; Banana Lollipops; Jello Pond; and Crazy Popcorn. Step-by-step photographs show children in the acts of making and doing, take the reader through each stage of a recipe, and provide clearly illustrated checklists of ingredients and equipment needed as well as useful hints and tips for easy variations. The informative introduction offers invaluable advice on how to prepare, begin to cook, weigh, and measure. It also includes a glossary of cooking terms and essential equipment to have in the kitchen.
Show Me How
0754800962 / 9780754800965
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8.5 x 0.2 in.

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