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Age 4-6
Grade PK-1

Rebecca Rissman

What Is a Landform?

Paperback (Heinemann July 15, 2009)
A digital solution for your classroom with features created with teachers and students in mind: • Perpetual license • 24 hour, 7 days a week access • No limit to the number of students accessing one title at a time • Provides a School to Home connection wherever internet is available • Easy to use • Ability to turn audio on and off • Words highlighted to match audio Read ‘What Is a Landform?’ To learn about the different types of landforms found on Earth. Striking images and simple text introduce readers to the characteristics of mountains, valleys, volcanoes, caves, and islands. Prompts to compare and contrast different landforms help readers explore this exciting subject. This Acorn Read- Aloud is an excellent tool for introducing learners to the topic of landforms.
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