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Sonic Boom Vol. 2: Boom Shaka-laka

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Age 9-12
Grade 4-7

Sonic Scribes

Sonic Boom Vol. 2: Boom Shaka-laka

Paperback (Archie Comics Jan. 3, 2017)
BOOM SHAKA-LAKA!Brace yourself for the SONIC BOOM! The hit multimedia Sonic experience comes to you in the action-packed, laugh-a-minute comic book series!Sonic and his friends Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks find themselves caught up in more zany adventures! Dr. Eggman asks the question: "Where does a one ton, fearsome gorilla sit?" The answer: "Wherever he politely asks to!"--wait, what?!Dr. Eggman has a problem--how can he betray the trust of the villagers when they don't trust him to begin with? The mad mechanic pulls out all the stops to woo the wary would-be victims, but he gets more than he counted for when Sonic and his pals decide to become his staff!Then it's off to the races as Dr. Eggman goads Sonic into competing in a go-kart race! Sonic puts the pedal to the metal--because if he put his feet to the track, he'd win without question! But there's no way Dr. Eggman will run a clean race!This volume collects SONIC BOOM #5-7 and SONIC BOOM #11.
Sonic Boom
1627389946 / 9781627389945
12.0 oz.
6.7 x 0.2 in.

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