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Whiskey Flowers

The Warrior Mage

16 y/o Cage is the second son of the King and Queen Geddon, a kingdom which recently lost a decades long war against the far more numerous kingdom of Rolstan. Geddon is broken apart and distributed amongst various Rolstanian nobles with only a small part of it remaining in Cage's brothers hands who assumed the title of Duke. During this war all of Geddians powerful warrior mages fell, men and women as capable with the sword as they are with using magic. The last of these warrior mages is young Cage who as now being a Rolstanian must adapt to the culture of his conquerors and murderers of his parents despite his attitude towards them. Meanwhile Rolstan is gearing up for a far bigger fight and needs all of their fighting men to face the might of the Zetian Empire and that includes Cage. Join Cage as he proves the worth of Geddon warrior mages and find his place in this new world.

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