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The Plan
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Karen Geisler
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Redemption Press
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Karen Geisler

The Plan

Paperback (Redemption Press Jan. 8, 2019)

"Hi, my name is Zagzagel, but you can call me Zag."

Abe had wished for someone to answer his questions about Jesus, but he certainly hadn't expected what happened next. He'd just been sitting alone in the dark, trying to distract himself from scary night noises, when suddenly, there was Zag--and the angel was eager to answer Abe's questions.

The angel takes Abe on a whirlwind tour through time. Adam and Eve, Abraham, the Hebrew slaves in Egypt and their great escape through the Red Sea . . . Zag even takes Abe to see the prophet Isaiah. Stories Abe has heard all his life suddenly become real as Zag gives him glimpse after glimpse of the pieces of God's plan--a plan that, like a tapestry, must be made stitch by stitch until the picture is complete. And a big part of the tapestry is Jesus.

By the time Zag returns Abe to his own lonely hillside, Abe knows he must see Jesus for himself --and soon, because Jesus's time is almost up. Abe knows Jesus has to die but doesn't understand why God can't save him. God can do anything.

Abe accompanies his dad and grandpa to Jerusalem to celebrate a Passover they'll never forget. A Passover that will change the world forevermore. As events unfold, Abe must cling to Zag's instruction: "Trust God's plan, Abe, no matter what happens."

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