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Cherry Blossoms Say Spring

Age 4-8
Grade PK-3

Jill Esbaum

Cherry Blossoms Say Spring

Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books Feb. 28, 2012) , Original Edition
In the style of the Picture the Seasons books, Cherry Blossoms Say Spring looks at the life cycle of a cherry tree, the history behind the gift of the Japanese cherry trees to our nation's capital, and the association of cherry trees and spring. Vibrant scenes from the Cherry Blossom Festival and the flood of visitors to the Tidal Basin are balanced with shots of the natural beauty of these trees. Nothing captures spring quite so iconically as cherry trees in Washington, D.C., and this portrait of them evokes the awe countless Washington, D.C., visitors and residents have experienced over so many years.
National Geographic Kids
1426309848 / 9781426309847
4.2 oz.
8.0 x 0.13 in.

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