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Why, Fly Guy?: Answers to Kids' BIG Questions

Age 5-7
Grade K-2

Tedd Arnold

Why, Fly Guy?: Answers to Kids' BIG Questions

Hardcover (Scholastic Inc. Oct. 10, 2017)
Come along with Fly Guy as he asks (and answers!) over fifty "why?" questions! Why do I have to brush my teeth? Why do cats climb trees if they can't get down? Why do elephants have trunks? And more! There are also science projects and fun activities -- so kids can use what they've learned in a hands-on way! With engaging full-color photographs on every page, content appropriate for a young audience, humorous artwork, and colorful comic strips starring their favorite character Fly Guy, this book is perfect for kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten! *This 128-page paper-over-board book even has eye-catching holographic foil on the front cover and spine!*
Fly Guy Presents
1338053183 / 9781338053180
30.4 oz.
10.0 x 0.8 in.

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