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S.P. Platt

Dragon Rider

Angel was born into a Dragon Rider family. Generations of his family have been Riders. He was now to be a rider. Until the dragons he once played with tried to kill him. His world suddenly collapsed as Magic came upon him. Everyone knows that Dragons don't like magic or Wizards. That is what has happened to Angel. He must now leave his old world of Dragons and go into a world of Magic because the two worlds cannot be together.He must now go to Nirvana, where the school of magic has been teaching for centuries. A castle stuck to the side of a mountain with ten Dragon decks. This is a place of great and old magic but only the castle and one Dragon deck is used. The others have been abandoned for centuries.It is here he meets three others of his age. Magic has come upon them early but they have come from wizard families not like Angel. He is the first from a Dragon Rider family.They find a threat to his new world and that of his old world, for someone is trying to destroy the great spell that holds Nirvana to the mountain. They must fight this threat themselves. They fear if they tell anyone they will lose the most precious gift they have been given. Dragons and Dragons Riders don't fear magic or wizards. They must now learn fast to save it all.