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Anne Zoelle

House of Scepters

eBook (Excelsine Press Aug. 28, 2020)
Who—or what—will you become, when the power to rule all is in your hand?

Whoever holds a scepter, rules a gate. Whoever holds the scepter that rules all others, rules the world. A ruthless shadow magi, a cunning thief, a loyal fugitive, and a charming rogue will hunt—and be hunted—for the most powerful object in the land.

But only one hand can hold the scepter—and a legacy of blood follows its grip. Take care in what you desire. Be careful in what you reach for. Beware the House of Scepters.

From the publisher:
In an age of myth, four characters struggle to rise above their families and pasts amidst a landscape of wonder, despair, war, and love.

The first book in a trilogy about unbreakable bonds, powerless characters discovering their own power, and powerful characters realizing their weaknesses, the House of Scepters is an action adventure story that features four protagonists from different segments of a ruthlessly expanding empire.

This series contains strong found family themes and rising above one's origin story and birth. Other themes that are explored in this series are power, love, sacrifice, trust, abuse, and becoming who you want to be.

Please note: Abuse and power dynamics are occasionally discussed on the page in this trilogy, including characters talking about past abuse, so please protect yourself and look to a review source you trust if you exercise caution when you read and encounter these elements.

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