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Trust Your Name
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Tim Tingle
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7th Generation
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Age 12-16
Grade 6-10

Tim Tingle

Trust Your Name

Paperback (7th Generation Sept. 1, 2018)
After Bobby Byington's unforgettable winning high-school season, Coach Robison recruits Choctaw players from several communities to play in a summer league. Coach selects the Panther as the team's mascot, saying, "To many Choctaws, young and old, the Panther is an elder watching over us, helping us when we are in need."

As the team gels and moves to the national tournament, they find out they are up against more than other basketball teams. They must deal with racist taunts and unfair sportsmanship on the court. The situation comes to a head when, on the eve of a key game against a bullying opponent, two Choctaw players are arrested for robbery.

Never doubting their innocence, Coach Robison asks, "Who can we trust, and how can we find the truth?"
PathFinders (Book 4)
1939053196 / 9781939053190
5.6 oz.
4.5 x 0.4 in.

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