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A Brush in Time: A Time Travel Romance

Cidney Swanson

A Brush in Time: A Time Travel Romance

Paperback (Independently published May 5, 2020)

When Kahlo visits the Bahamas with friends,

she thinks her host Jules Khan is a grumpy misanthrope. But when he offers her the chance to visit her idol the painter Maxfield Parrish in the past, Kahlo jumps at the opportunity, despite threats from Jules’s murderously jealous girlfriend. Soon Jules and Kahlo are obliged to join forces on a trip gone awry, and Kahlo begins to see Jules as someone capable of helping her become her best self—as long as Jules’s girlfriend doesn’t get to her first.

Thief in Time (Book 6)
/ 9798642759288
17.6 oz.
5.2 x 0.9 in.

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