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Age 8-12
Grade 7-12

MS Margarita Engle

Hurricane Dancers

Library Binding (Perfection Learning March 25, 2014)

Quebrado has been traded from pirate ship to ship in the Caribbean Sea for as long as he can remember. The sailors he toils under call him "el quebrado"--half islander, half outsider, a broken one. Now the pirate captain Bernardino de Talavera uses Quebrado as a translator to help navigate the worlds and words between his mother's Taino Indian language and his father's Spanish. But when a hurricane sinks the ship and most of its crew, it is Quebrado who escapes to safety. He learns how to live on land again, among people who treat him well. And it is he who must decide the fate of his former captors. Latino interest."

1627654380 / 9781627654388
7.2 oz.
5.3 x 0.6 in.

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