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Age 3-5

Amelia Marshall

Tractor's Farmyard Fun

Hardcover (Franklin Watts July 9, 2015) , Illustrated edition edition

It's busy on the farm as tractor ploughs the fields and lifts up the hay bales, while combine harvester gathers corn and watch out for the cheeky water sprayer!

Dive into the world of tractors and farm vehicles with this fantastic picture book brimming with busy bright photos, accessible read out loud text and playful rhymes.

These books offer a unique combination of photographic realism and story telling, perfect for children and adults to share and explore together. The books also feature an info-vocab page so the eager reader can enjoy learning and naming the vehicle parts.

1445143194 / 9781445143194
12.6 oz.
9.6 x 0.4 in.

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