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Michael Bright

Changing Ecosystems

Library Binding (Heinemann Oct. 2, 2008)
How has Earth and life on it changed? In which biome would you find the Bactrian camel? What is “snowball Earth”? 'Changing Ecosystems' explains the complexities of different ecosystems on Earth. Learn how organisms interact with their environment and how this varies when the characteristics of an ecosystem change. Compare the ecosystems of the past, which led to mass extinctions and Ice Ages, with more recent devastating El Niño events, roaring wildfires, and explosive eruptions. Life on Earth is constantly changing. It has been doing so for as long as we know and far before humans were here. Through the use of detailed case studies and scientific theories, the books in the 'Timeline: Life on Earth' series discuss how changes are studied, what the evidence reveals, and how such changes have had - and continue to have - an impact on Earth.
Timeline: Life on Earth (Book 1)
1432916521 / 9781432916527
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8.5 x 0.5 in.

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