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Dorothy Gilman

A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax

eBook (Fawcett May 28, 2014)
“Mrs. Pollifax gives Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple a rival to reckon with.”—Toronto Star“What we are looking for—aside from the stolen Plutonium, Mrs. Pollifax—is evil in its purest form.” Mrs. Pollifax was leading a very full life: Garden Club, karate, yoga—and a little spying now and then. This time the mysterious Mr. Carstairs sent her to Switzerland—to a famous health resort where the world’s intelligence agents had gathered. The mission: to track down a missing package of plutonium. Just enough to make a small atom bomb. It was a job that suited Mrs. Pollifax’s talents. She was good with people—and good at sniffing out their secrets. But it was not until she became enchanted with Robin, the young jewel thief, that her new adventure really began. . . .

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