Age 4-8
Grade K-3

Bruce LaFontaine

Locomotives Stickers

Paperback (Dover Publications March 11, 2003)

Here are seventeen beautifully detailed locomotives, originally built between the mid-19th and 21st centuries, ready for you to use as stickers. Among them you will find the Mallard class A4, the fastest steam locomotive, reaching a speed of 125 miles per hour; France's 186 mph TGV, a high-speed electric locomotive; the powerful Big Boy, designed to pull a 3,600-ton train at up to 80 mph, and more. The names of the locomotives can be found on the inside back cover, along with the wheel arrangement (using the Whyte System), engine type, year built, railroad, and country. To use the stickers, simply peel and apply.

Dover Little Activity Books Stickers
0486426211 / 9780486426211
0.8 oz.
4.12 x 0.08 in.

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