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Age 8+
Grade 1-2

Brigitta Garcia Lopez, Brigitta Garcia


Hardcover (North-South Sept. 1, 2005) , 1st edition
One night Max awakens to see his race car speeding around his bedroom. At the wheel is an extraordinary winged creature. It's Wilbur, Max's personal guardian angel. Wilbur explains that he's always been around, but was invisible up to now. Max is delighted. Wilbur is a bit mischievous and very greedy, gobbling chocolate whenever he can. Be he's so much fun, and he teaches Max the art of dream flying! What a time they have, soaring through the sky together, until one day Wilbur nearly crashes. He's gotten too fat for his little wings. No more chocolate for him! But that means he has to turn invisible again. Much as Max will miss seeing his guardian angel, now that he knows the joy of flying himself, he must sacrifice for his little friend. Comical, all clay animates this buoyant tale that's sure to have children wishing for a guardian angel like Wilbur.
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