Age 5-9
Grade PK-3

Vladimir Radunsky

The Mighty Asparagus

Hardcover (Harcourt Children's Books May 1, 2004) , First edition
Long ago in Italy, a mighty asparagus grew smack-dab in front of the king's castle. Was the king happy about it? No. The asparagus had to go. But how does a king reason with an asparagus of such stature?

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Vladimir Radunsky tells the uproarious tale of an almost immovable vegetable. Drawing on Italian Renaissance art, the esteemed artist creates a breathtaking magical kingdom, where it's easy to imagine that such an asparagus existed. His artwork is as gorgeous as it is funny. Although the old masters may turn over in their graves, readers of all ages will clamor for more of The Mighty Asparagus.
New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books (Awards)
0152167439 / 9780152167431
12.8 oz.
8.5 x 0.4 in.

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